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Fortran to VB.Net conversion



Hi, Does anyone know any good resources for converting some Fortran sub-routines to VB?





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I know a few consultants who do migration from COBOL, Fortran and 16-bit Windows to modern managed frameworks.  Are you looking to hire someone, or are you looking for tips on how to do this yourself?




Aryeh Goretsky


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      Being given a task to analyse and collect info on all code paths for a very very large monolithic .NET Web app that is used across various clients.
      Thinking about adding in some reflection type code that basically collects data of run-time code path taken depending on the params passed to various methods.
      Once I have the data, need to start removing/deprecating code that never gets used in few months in real world. Along with refactoring and adding more test coverage on major code paths to improve quality.
      I am aware of unit testing approach but this app is 13+ years old and unit testing can't be just added, can't be easily refactored without breaking something, can't be easily re-written.
      Are there any tools frameworks that can be integrated into existing code that would allow me to collect such data?
      Not looking for code samples but if anyone has it then awesome. Any help, general guidance, software/framework recommendation would be highly appreciated.
      Something like Google Analytics but for the actual source code itself.
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      So I am working on setting up a new (private) bot for Microsoft Teams that should be able to post messages in a channel on-demand. I already have a bot coded for Google Hangouts Chat, but Microsoft Teams is giving me a really hard time.
      I've been searching for over 10 hours now all over the web, and I am very confused.
      Right now, all I want to do is post cards to a Microsoft Teams Channel. So I created the connectorclient, I used the baseuri provided when the bot joined the channel (Starts with smba.trafficmanager.net) with my MSAppID and MSAppPassword. Then, I fill in as much information as I can (Maybe too much?) and I submit the information using the connector's .conversations.createconversation.
      Namespaces used: Microsoft.bot.connector, Microsoft.bot.connector.teams.models
      Here's the code:
      Dim Connector As New ConnectorClient(New Uri("https://smba.trafficmanager.net/amer/"), "MSAPPID", "MSAPPPASSWORD") Dim conversation As New ConversationParameters Dim activity2 = Activity.CreateMessageActivity Dim bot As New ChannelAccount bot.Id = "BOTID" bot.Name = "EDD Bot Test" conversation.Bot = bot Dim chaninfo As New ChannelInfo chaninfo.Id = "CHANID" chaninfo.Name = "General" Dim teaminfo As New TeamInfo teaminfo.Id = "TEAMID" teaminfo.Name = "EDD" activity2.Text = "Test" activity2.ServiceUrl = "https://smba.trafficmanager.net/amer/" activity2.Type = ActivityTypes.Message activity2.From = bot activity2.ChannelId = "msteams" Dim tenantdata As New TenantInfo tenantdata.Id = "TENANTID" Dim teamschanneldata As New TeamsChannelData teamschanneldata.Channel = chaninfo teamschanneldata.Team = teaminfo teamschanneldata.Tenant = tenantdata activity2.ChannelData = teamschanneldata conversation.Activity = activity2 Response.Write(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(conversation)) Try Dim reqresp As ConversationResourceResponse = Connector.Conversations.CreateConversation(conversation) Response.Write("ActivityID: " & reqresp.ActivityId & ", ServiceURL: " & reqresp.ServiceUrl & ", ID: " & reqresp.ServiceUrl) Catch ex As ErrorResponseException Response.Write(ex.Response.Content & " " & ex.Response.ReasonPhrase) End Try This is what the API returns:
      {"message":"Authorization has been denied for this request."} Unauthorized
      Keep in mind, I'm not even 100% sure I'm using the right method to create the channel message, I figured it was either CreateConversation or ReplyToActivity.
      I gave the app Users.ReadWriteAll permissions too, so am I missing something? That error leads me to think it doesn't have anything to do with the ConversationParameters payload but something to do with authentication.
      Thank you.
    • By Lirbo
      Hey everybody!
      I faced some issues when I tried to send a numpad key.
      SendKeys.Send({Numpad0}) doesn't work.
      I also tried to change it to NumPad and NUMPAD, even to Num.
      but nothing seems to work properly, how can I do that?