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Desktops Thread: 4Q 2021


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Welcome to the 2021 Desktops Thread


Desktops Thread is split into 4 threads over the course of a year to reduce clutter.
1Q - January through March.
2Q - April through June.
3Q - July through September.
4Q - October through December.


Posting Guidelines

*The file size for image previews (or embedded images) should be no larger than 750 KB.

*Images linked externally should be no larger than 3 MB.

*Please use reduced-size thumbnails, where possible, out of respect for people running on lower bandwidth or screen resolutions.


*Off Topic Posts will be edited or removed. Please support our rule set no matter how yummy you think your desktop is.

*The desktops thread is not to be used as a means to post images of a pornographic or otherwise provocative nature. We do not support a babes forum and neither will we in an unofficial capacity. Please help to keep the thread relevant and safe to browse for everyone.

*The moderators of this forum reserve the right to edit or remove your posts as necessary so they may comply with our Community Rules.


*In the interests of keeping the thread on topic it is strongly urged that you format your posts in the following order:

*Themes: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).

*Wallpaper: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).

*Icons: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).

*Programs: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).


Important Note: Any image posted that is over the established guidelines will be removed! Use a thumbnail or use a text link to your image. If your image is removed, this is why.

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  • Barney T. pinned this topic

All pretty cutting Edge. Few changes as usual, just colour tweaks, I've been pretty happy with the defaults for several years now across all OS's I use.



Windows 11 Pro - Installed it on release day. Had played with the insider programme before and wasn't a huge fan initially but I couldn't imagine going back to 10 now.



macOS Monterey - Installed it on my laptop last night, not had much of a chance to play with it yet but it seems to be fine. Running it on an M1 MBA.



Kubuntu 21.10 - I have always liked KDE and it is my favourite DE, another solid release. I'll probably swap out Kubuntu for Slackware 15 when it's released.

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  • 1 month later...

For now....


Specs: HP Pavillion 15.6 model 15eh1070wm, 32GB DDR4 @3200Mhz, Ryzen 7 5700U with Vega 8 Graphics, 512GB SSD, 1080p IPS HD display.



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