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Mosley-Trinidad talks!

Sugar Shane Mosley and Felix Trinidad are engaged in apparently serious negotiations over a propsed fight later this year. "I promised myself and my fans that from now on, I would only take career-defining fights," said Mosley from his training compound in Big Bear Lake, CA. "I consider that promise a solemn vow. Winky Wright is for boxing history and personal history. Felix Trinidad is for immortality. He is the biggest challenge out there, and everyone knows I love a challenge." Mosley's promoter Gary Shaw stated "Sugar Shane and Tito are ready to set a date...after the final details are worked out next week, the only thing needed will be for Sugar Shane and Tito to say 'I do.'"

This should be quite a fight provided Mosley gets past Winky Wright on March 13 and if actual negotiations go through. Dont be surprised if it turns into a Trinidad vs. DeLaHoya or even a Trinidad vs. Hopkins. Those are apparently in the back of Tito's mind as well.

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