Can a PSN Account Be Sold or Transferred to a Buyer?

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Games are digital And I spend Lot on them in last 5 months.


Can transfer my account with games when I sell my ps5 or is $500+ worth of games going to be stuck to me forever until they are bargain bin ....


I was not sure I can or people want to but with Digital only PS5 (the only one I could get at the time) I think this is important feature (which Sony might never allow.. or does it.?



Ohh and I was recovering from an accident... Had nothing else to do then play or read and playing was easier then reading 😝  and more interesting then Netflix.



But i need to get back to work and I don't have time to finish all the game. Nor do I think it is important now that I am out and about.


(I also have gaming PC 😉 so PS5 can go of if I can get at least some money for the games back)



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Cant I just remove payment info and sell my account with account then,?



Change name and address too ☺️


Hard to find answers but I cannot be the first to think it

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On 27/10/2021 at 09:01, Jason S. said:

i have no idea what youre talking about

I want to sell my digital only PS5 unit that does not have a disk drive.


I also have my ps account that has a ton of games that I paid $$$ for - those games have a as much value as the actual ps5 machine.


Can I sell those games (account) somehow?


Also can you please rename the thread to get move correct views please?


"Can you sell digital only PS5 games/account"


Thank you!

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Selling an account is against Sony's terms of service. Like almost every other service out there.


In a technical sense you can but if Sony figures out the account has been sold, they will ban the account.


Then they buyer may came back at you for a refund.

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  • Jason S. changed the title to Can a PSN Account Be Sold or Transferred to a Buyer?
On 27/10/2021 at 10:17, Jason S. said:

i'm curious to know why the PS5 doesnt have a disk drive. Who'd want it?

The PS5 comes in 2 Models. PS5 and PS5 Digital.


PS5 has a disk drive and is more expensive. PS5 Digital has no Disk Drive and is less expensive.


I'd prefer the version with disk drive, but thats because I like buying physical media. Someone who only buys digital would seemingly have no need to pay more for the edition with the disk drive.

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