Netgear R6220 router and Openwrt firmware

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Don't know if this topic belongs here or in the Networking section, so if not in correct section, could a mod please move it.


Just wondering if anyone has ever installed Openwrt firmware on a Netgear R6220 router, or similar router? Haven't been able to find any other third party firmware, Tomato or DD-Wrt, for this router and have never used Openwrt. Once I flash router with the factory install from here,, what is the upgrade/update path like with Openwrt as far will I be able to search for an update through the router's GUI like I can now by just clicking a box that checks for updates?


Only debating on doing this but would like to know a little more on how this works with Openwrt. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.


Thank you



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I have used Tomato and DD-Wrt back in the Linksys WRT54G days. But lately, I haven't messed with it.


IIRC, any updates to the firmware will be on the website. They don't have an auto-update. Not sure.


I never used OpenWRT. Sorry.


@BudManmight help here.

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I use to use all the 3rd party firmwares on soho routers back in the day.  But really been many years since played with any of them.. I got rid of any of those soho type devices off my network back in early 2014 (just looked up order of my first unifi AP)..  And many many years before that, been using pfsense as my router.. The soho router stuff was only ever AP, going back like prob 10 some years now if not 12, etc.


I do not recall any sort of auto check upgrade thing on any of them - while you can upgrade from the gui to the new versions, etc. There was never any sort of check for upgrade sort of thing.  Not sure if that might of changed, but I really sort of doubt it.. It  could get complicated with all the different versions of things on different hardware, etc.  Unlike native firmware where it there really is only 1 piece of hardware, etc.


Now I have put ddwrt and openwrt on friends and family devices maybe say only like 5 years or so ago.. But yea no auto upgrade or check sort of thing that I ever recall.  But anything in say the last 5 years or so have just got friends and family to move away from the soho devices.. I manage my son's system (unifi usg and flexHD ap) off my controller for example.   My other son runs google wifi mesh thing, that he seems happy with - and something I don't have to deal with ;) hehe

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Thanks, Budman.

Yeah, It's actually been years since I've played with any third party firmware also. Not into all the networking stuff like I used to be way back when. I just prefer simplicity so have stuck with the soho hardware. Knew you weren't much into the simple stuff! LOL


Nice to know you can upgrade through the gui though.


Thanks again

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