Finding an old game for which I forgot the name.


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I'm trying to find a game, which I haven't played in about 8 years. It was 2D game and I remember, there was level in space where u have to get a coins and u was fighting with some monsters. And I remember one more. It was a level in ancient pyramid of Aztecs?? I really don't remember a lot but I know this was super old game. And in all the playthrough u have to collect coins and there was some bumpers and u had a gun I think. Please help me

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On 28/11/2021 at 19:02, Skyfrog said:

I'm not sure about the first one, Commander Keen perhaps? The second sounds like it may be Pharaoh's Tomb.

Thanks but it isn't any of these. I also remember, there there was dog I think? Older brother tells me... He don't know the name either but he was talking something about dog??? Like in the game was dog. But thanks for helping me


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