Daikin Residential Controller app interfering with schedule?

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I can't seem to find much discussion in the way of troubleshooting Daikin AC beyond the app page on Google app store, there are plenty of complaints about the apps there.

Mine is 1 x Daikin RXM 50 N9 external unit and 1 x Daikin FTXM 50 N ground floor unit which I have setup a schedule for heating using the Daikin Residential Controller app, which is the new app which replaced the really bad Daikin app before it. The problem is that although the wifi module in the ground floor unit has been replaced recently, the schedule still keeps turning off and the whole unit sometimes completely resets to factory, which means the schedule to start heating at 7:30am doesn't happen because the unit will be off.

I have the schedule setup as follows:

  • 7:30am heat to 20C fan: auto
  • 9:00am heat to 18.5C fan: quiet
  • 12:00 power off


Last week I forced stopped the app in my Android phone because I suspect it is causing communication errors with it, because I also know that the installer told me to be "patient" when using the remote or app, I have to wait between inputs, because otherwise it could freeze or go offline.

Since I force stopped the app on my phone, the schedule has been okay but that has only been a few days, it was also good for two weeks when the wifi module was replaced and when I didn't force stop the app. The other issue the installer blamed was how far away from the router it is on the 2.4GHz wifi, but I have ordered Mesh smart wifi boosters (not repeaters) which I will get this week and I will plug that in under the indoor unit so it has a strong signal to connect to.

Anyway I am just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the Daikin Residential Controller app and the AC. I want to use it for heating because it is substantially cheaper than gas central heating.

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