Do you ever wonder if you are _really_ being unsubscribed from email lists?


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I know for a fact some companies do not honor the unsubscribe link, there are two ways to combat it.. auto flag as spam, which might flag you as unreliable for reporting, or actually check if you are being unsubscribed by moving the email to a new label or folder named Unsubscribed so you can cross reference companies you are suspicious of not removing you when other emails come in.


I wish email lists were opt in by law, there are so many (imo) dumb laws and "internet rules" like having to change your password every 6 months, or getting prompted by CAPTCHA even after you have entered your password to enter a site, but any company can spam you with unwanted emails :(  


Anyway hope this tip helps.

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A lot of the companies you try to unsubscribe from just give you the middle finger.


Best Buy and come to mind.

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I actually had a lot of trouble unsubscribing from mailings from Honeywell, of all companies.  In the end, I ended up having to visit the unsubscribe page for one of their mailing lists in Internet Explorer in order for it to work.



Aryeh Goretsky


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