Antonio Brown Walks Out Mid-Game

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Don't know how many people here follow Football (America), but it was weird watching this live:




The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 28-24 victory over the New York Jets wasn't without drama Sunday.

Bucs receiver Antonio Brown seems to have retired mid-game, as he was seen on the sideline taking off his jersey and walking away from the team.

Video from CBS showed that Brown appeared to be upset on the sideline and inexplicably started to remove his jersey and pads while teammates pleaded with him to stay. A shirtless Brown could be seen throwing his undershirt into the stands as he made his way into the stadium's tunnel while waving a peace sign.

"He is no longer a Buc, alright? That's the end of the story," head coach Bruce Arians said in a postgame interview.


Was watching RedZone and they cut to him taking off his jersey and shoulder pads, throwing his under shirt into the crowd and waving to the fans as he ran off the field. Apparently there was an argument or fight and he quit on the spot. Still surprised he was signed, but this definitely lands on the WTF list.

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Still strange. Would like to know what pushed his buttons to walk away. With Bradey's support, he had very little to worry about for job security there.

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On 02/01/2022 at 21:21, Michael Scrip said:


That leaves even more questions. Someone said something or not feeling hes being targeted enough? Still nothing for what the possible catalyst was.

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