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I have been using xwidget a bit alongside the brave old yahoo widget and I started recently using it more by making new widgets, but as I am more in design/graphics than coding (with a software without any documentation/manual) I'm facing some issues. Unfortunately I've visited xwidgetsoft forum to find a dead place.


I am working on a real nice clock, based on the Ventura Elvis80 by Hamilton Cie, now part of swatch group and a multi search bar.

I've also made 2 nice very innovative clocks, very graphics (sorry I can't show them for (C) reasons (as I'm trying to make them a reality), animated recycle bin (with double animations (empty and full) and an almost finished nice weather widget, based on the old yahoo weather.


To achieve the Ventura watch, I'm facing an issue. So, is there here xwidgeters ?







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