De La Hoya-Hopkins in works!

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Personally, I don't think this fight will go through but damn its intriguing!

De La Hoya-Hopkins in works!

Five division champion Oscar De La Hoya and WBC/WBA/IBF middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins have agreed in principle - nothing is signed - to face each other on September 18 or in November according to USA Today. Plans are reportedly being made for both to fight on a June 5 PPV card, with De La Hoya making his middleweight debut against unbeaten WBO middleweight titlist Felix Sturm while Hopkins faces IBF mandatory challenger Robert Allen. If both win, the mega showdown is on for the fall. Top Rank guarantees $10 million+ for Hopkins and $30 million+ for the Golden Boy in the two-fight deal. Top Rank has confirmed to Fightnews that negotiations are in progress with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to host both fights.

Even if youre not the intimate boxing fan, its the matchup of a lifetime. Now, that is, if it does go through. I wont hold my breath. Anyone in here even remotely excited?

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Hopkins Is Hopeful, But

Nothing Is Done

By G. Leon

February 17, 2004; Earlier today USA Today reported that Bernard Hopkins has reached an agreement in principle with Bob Arum and Top Rank to face Oscar De La Hoya later this year. USA Today also pointed out a couple of things we first hinted of last week. Firstly, as Boxingtalk thoroughly suggested in our exclusive Feb. 11 report, ?How Oscar Can Shut Us All Up?, Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins could both appear on the June 5 PPV. The plan is for Hopkins to make his mandatory against Robert Allen in the co-feature. In the main event, Oscar De La Hoya would make his middleweight debut probably against WBO titlist Felix Sturm, which should also be far from a surprise to readers. Sturm is slated to face Kingsley Ikeke on March 6th. As of a couple of hours ago Ikeke?s management state that their fight with Sturm is still a go. Should the aforementioned scenario come to fruition, the plan is to have Hopkins and De La Hoya meet later this year should they win their respective June 5th bouts. Just minutes ago, Bernard Hopkins told, ?We have an oral agreement with a few details that still need to be ironed out.? Hopkins says he is hopeful the deal gets finalized when he meets with Arum later this week. ?When the papers get signed you?ll hear it first on! Until the papers get signed nothing is done.? Top Rank would promote the events (primarily because it would be guaranteeing all of the money) but it wouldn?t be Hopkins? exclusive promoter, Top Rank would be in association with Anthony Lewis? Cant Lewz Promotions, which would be representing Bernard Hopkins, and E-X Management. Hopkins will take some time to explain this in the coming days. It should be mentioned that if this deal comes to fruition, Bob Arum would have what he wants more than anything else, and what he appeared to be losing, involvement with Oscar.


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Dumb idea on Oscars part. He should fight someone else first, like Trinidad or Mosely again. He beat both there asses last time he fought them and got screwed on both. He needs to fight one of them, and take them apart fast, no decision crap. Get some money there, then go after Hopkins and make some real money. I never bet againt Oscar, probably my favorite boxer ever, him and Tyson.

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Dumb idea on Oscars part. He should fight someone else first, like Trinidad or Mosely again. He beat both there asses last time he fought them and got screwed on both. He needs to fight one of them, and take them apart fast, no decision crap. Get some money there, then go after Hopkins and make some real money. I never bet againt Oscar, probably my favorite boxer ever, him and Tyson.

DLH has been one of more favored boxers in my time. Not just because hes a really good fighter, but because of his maneurism in and out of the ring. Hes just been good for boxing. Not very many boxers have attracted the female audience like he has, which is a plus.

I do have to say though, DLH lost fair against Mosley their first time around and he also lost to Whitaker though DLH claimed the victor. As for Hopkins and DLH, yeah, DLH doesnt stand too much of a chance. Im thinking the Golden Boy will experience his first KO loss. You have to give him credit for taking the fight although, I really dont see it happening. Im hoping to be wrong.

Oscar an underog vs Hopkins!

It appears Oscar De La Hoya will be an underdog for the first time when he faces Bernard Hopkins. Dave Cokin, long-time boxing handicapper in Las Vegas, said "the real odds will be Hopkins 2-to-1 although it'll probably open Hopkins around 7-to-5 in Las Vegas." June 5 is a firm date for De La Hoya vs. Felix Sturm and Bernard Hopkins vs. Robert Allen. De La Hoya will be boxing at 160 for the first time when he faces Sturm, the 20-0 WBO middleweight champion from Germany. It'll be on HBO PPV. Sept. 18 is a working date for De La Hoya/Hopkins, providing both win in June. Again, it's on HBO PPV.

Thursday, February 19 2004

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If it's the recent Oscar we've seen...KO in the 9th. Bernard will tear apart any opponent who doesn't move, and from what I saw with Oscar in his past 5 or so fights is his constant standing still. Hopkins has become one of my favorite boxers; I love his Executioner entrance into the ring and his determination to make a name for himself when nobody would give him a chance. Something has to be said for people who have everything (Oscar) and those who want everything (Bernard).

I still would like to see Hopkins-Jones, Jr. happen some day :rolleyes:

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Share on other sites now, digi...Captain Spam doesn't reside in this forum. ;)

I know, I know. Thought it was funny. Im a different person when it comes to boxing talk :shifty:

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wha! database repost syndrome! anyways, for the chicken title lovers....


There are those of you that look at Oscar De La Hoya as being less than super-Macho because he gets manicures and smiles a lot. Well if facing people like Ike Quartey, Fernando Vargas, Pernell Whitaker, Felix Trinidad, and Shane Mosley wasn?t enough to convince you, I would think Oscar?s latest move should do the trick. After facing unbeaten Felix Sturm on June 5, De La Hoya will meet the undisputed World middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins in September in Las Vegas.


Some of you have worn a hole in your scalp "scratching your head" as to why Oscar De La Hoya would fight Hopkins. I mean Bernard is bigger, stronger, faster, and throws better combinations with heavier hands! So the $64,000 question is why? There are two avenues you can take here. The first being this is what De La Hoya has clamored for since he turned pro and that was to win titles from 130 to 160 lbs! The second scenario has Oscar almost being forced into a Hopkins fight because Shane Mosley and Tito Trinidad have opted to face one another should Mosley beat Ronald "Winky" Wright come March 13.


Originally the thought was that if Trinidad and Mosley couldn?t agree to terms, then Golden Boy Promotions would opt for Fernando Vargas. But Vargas whom De La Hoya stopped in the 11th round of a September 2002 bout, Fernando suffered a Back Injury so severe that it is "Career Threatening." If the situation doesn?t improve in the near future with Therapy and rest, Vargas may be forced under the surgical knife.


There?s no question that Trinidad and Mosley feel they deserve more money than they were offered to face De La Hoya seeing both have wins over Oscar. Hopkins on the other hand would take "Shorter" coin in order to make his biggest purse, which will be an estimated $15 million. Although he will be the defending champion, Hopkins will watch and see that at the end of the day Oscar?s take will be close to $40 million!


Personally I don?t think Oscar "Gets Off" on boxing in the manner that he did prior to his getting married to his lovely wife Millie. And I suspect that somewhere in the world of Oscar De La Hoya is a calendar with his retirement date already encircled. A decisive loss or brutal beating would make the date moot. Could Fernando Vargas possibly get well and face Oscar in September I asked? "No!" said Promoter Don Chargin who is an Advisor to Golden Boy Promotions.


There are lots of intangibles involved in setting a "Betting Line" on a fight. As I previously noted Oscar has the advantage in age seeing he is 31 compared to Hopkins? 39 years of age come September. Bernard?s only fought thrice since his drilling of Tito Trinidad in September of 2001. But when you go down the list of who is dominant and at what, Bernard enjoys the advantages. That being said my Opening line is Hopkins a -$360 favorite while Oscar is a +$310 underdog. Never can I remember De La Hoya being on the short end of Odds to this extent in his 12-yOh Yeah Boog, I get the Captain Spam now... Im a little slow, sorry.t;) slow, sorry. ;)

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Hopkins inks De La Hoya deal!

Top Rank will announce later today that middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins has signed for both the June 5 and September 18 dates. Terms were not announced, but it has been reported that "The Executioner" is guaranteed $10 million with an upside of $15 million. Hopkins inked the deal Wednesday at the Top Rank offices in Las Vegas.

Thursday, February 26 2004

Looks like it went through. Makes for an exciting year in boxing.

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Heres one opinion...


Oscar De La Hoya is going to get a shot at the man he has long dreamed of in middleweight kingpin Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins (43-2-1 (31 KO?s). Far be it for me to question anything a future Hall of Famer does but Oscar, what are ya? thinking? If this was merely a case of just being a fight the 36-3, (29 KO?s) De La Hoya could lose, who care as he?s in a "Win/Lose" business. The problem here is that Oscar could get seriously hurt. Hopkins already put a beating on Felix Trinidad that may have left lingering effects. And if given the chance, he?d do it to De La Hoya as well and for the same reason. Simply put, Hopkins is just too damn big!


Both De La Hoya and Hopkins have faced Trinidad and what did it show? At best De La Hoya got the short end of the stick in a close fight. Hopkins on the other hand brutalized Trinidad, beat him pillar to post for 12 rounds before knocking him out. Could De La Hoya bail himself out if he were to get into a jam? Could he knock out Hopkins? Not at all likely! If Roy Jones Jr. couldn?t stop Hopkins, what makes anyone think De La Hoya can? Furthermore Hopkins is a vastly better fighter today than he was when he an Jones met over a decade ago.


Though it is hard to remember it today, De La Hoya started his career as a jr. lightweight. This was a skinny little kid who once made 128 lbs. And as Oscar has moved up in weight, his power hasn?t been on board. Oscar isn?t the walking powerhouse at 154 he was at 135. At 160, his power will have about as much of an effect on Hopkins as the harder-punching Trinidad did. In other words, nada! Hopkins is a natural middleweight and a rather large one at that.


As we found out in the past, in Hopkins? world several things are just facts. Bernard believes that rice and beans are the appropriate last meal for a condemned man from Puerto Rico; ask Trinidad. What Hopkins thinks about De La Hoya?s heritage and his take on what the appropriate last meal for said heritage would be, is something we are all probably better off never knowing.


Nobody needs to see Hopkins tossing food at De La Hoya during a Press Conference? Strike that, I need to see it but it is still in bad taste. Also true is the fact that Hopkins isn?t going to get whooped by a smaller man. The lesson is in every Rocky movie an that is you don?t screw with a fighter from the "City of Brotherly Love!"

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