Ronaldo bids Man U adieu through a moment of disrespect

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@Astra.Xtremewhat do you think about all this? If your avatar is anything to go by I wonder what you think of these recent events, and happenings since Fergie stepped down.

Personally I think Ronaldo said what he said to force the issue in the hope he can walk into another club that will be playing Champions League football. Had he not done that he would have been stuck in the Europa League which he most likely feels is beneath him.

Also Glazers finally open to serious offers to take over the club?

What next?! 😲

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It's been a rollercoaster ride since Fergie left.  I'm not sure what it'll take for them to be contenders again, but it seems like no amount of managers or big-name players is making it happen.

I've always been a fan of Ronaldo (him and Rooney were the ones that turned me into a Utd fan).  It hurts that he would go the crybaby route and trash talk his way out the club, but I think you're right that he just wanted out. 
Not sure why he didn't get out in the previous transfer window or wait until his contract is up, but whatever I guess.  His performance regressed badly this year, so it's for the best that he gets out.  Personally I'd like to see Beckham convince him to play for Miami FC. :)

I wonder if the Glazers will actually finally sell.  Having a homegrown buyer from the UK would probably makes fans happy.    Having the team publicly traded on the stock market always seemed odd to me, so I wonder if that'll change with new owners.

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