Neowin's Official Spring Training Thread 2004

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Getting to work on my list of players for fantasy baseball. :happy:

speaking of which, a Neowin Fantasy Baseball leauge would be awesome.. some of us are on a budget, so a free service would be ideal.. anyone know of a good one? and would anyone be interested?

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Ken Griffey Jr reported to camp early today. I really hope Grif can get healthy again and become the player he used to be.. He's still only 34.. and he only needs 19 HRs this season for 500

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I know yahoo's was free.  I did that one last year.  It's pretty good.  I can set one up for us this year.  If you are interested in joining, PM me.

Oh goodie.

/me pms boog now. ;)

Edit: dang where's the Boogie man when you need him. :p

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