Cleaning Tempered Glass on Thermaltake V200 TG RGB Case

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Hello All

Guess this is hardware related since its on the case of my Desktop Tower, 

anyhow what can be used to clean the Tempered Glass side panel next time i do dust clean out,

most likely this upcoming weekend think gonna schedule it for provided not too many RL annoying interruptions to prevent me from doing it this time again.     If not reschedule for another day lol.     


 As i wanna do a semi deeper clean than i normally do, and have system working dust free as much as can be for most of April lol


Thank you all in advance



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For tempered glass, any Windex model will do.. It's just glass..

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Easy homemade glass cleaners online as well... water, alcohol, vinegar, lemon juice.

Btw... any school newspaper(s) are the best for cleaning any glass. When most towels/paper towels that leave streaks, newspaper doesn't.

Works great for my Thermaltake View 71, which has four tempered glass panels (4mm thick).. on top of the 35lb steel case. I could anchor an aircraft carrier with the bloody thing, but it's worth it.

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Ok Thank you,  will find what i need to get it done asap, and have that part clean and all the fans clean once again soon lol.     


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On 29/03/2023 at 15:04, xMorpheousx416 said:

any school newspaper(s)

Ha... I meant to say, "old school"... as most people don't have newspapers in home much anymore.

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