Galaxy Quest series coming to Paramount Plus

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On 18/04/2023 at 16:44, John Callaham said:

Wonder how they will deal with Alan Richman's passing

By Grapthar's Hammer, this is a terrible idea.


GQ was a fantastic movie, but I don't think the concept of parodying the whole Star Trek convention scene has enough material to make a TV show.  We shall see...

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A comment from the article sums it up.



How exactly will this work?

The movie was based on the premise of an adventure occurring off the back of a classic TV show that was erroneously believed to be real by aliens.

Now you’re going to have a TV show about a movie parodying a classic TV show.
Will this show be a parody of that parody or will they play it straight, and have it be a continuation of the actual TV show revival that the movie ended on?

And obviously it doesn’t work if you don’t have any of the original cast, because they are what made that movie.

Tim Allen is doing another streaming show with Disney (The Santa Clauses).
Sigourney is doing blue alien stuff with Jimmy Cameron.
Shalhoub is talking about a Monk revival
And R.I.P. Alan Rickman.

Maybe they get Mitchell and perhaps Justin Long?



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"There is no concept or a writer yet."

That's how you know it's a cash in and not some writer/producer coming to them with an idea they've come up with.

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