Can Asus RT-AC86U be removed from setting with FRITZ!Box 7590 with and TP-Link Deco M4R

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I currently have my fibre internet setting setup as:

FRITZ!Box 7590 & Asus RT-AC86U. Internet signal is done via RT-AC86U. FRITZ!Box has WIFi turned off, and is in some sort of 'bridge mode'.
I also have on each floor a TP-Link Deco Mesh pod.

The setup of the RT-AC86U is relatively basic with no real customizations (that cannot be done on the FRITZ!Box).

My question: can I, for signal-sake, remove the Asus-router and still have stable and fast internet within the house?
[so everything will be handled by the FRITZ!Box 7590]

Or can I leave it just as it is?

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It should work, whether it'll improve or degrade your signal is entirely dependent on whether the Fritzbox puts out as strong of a WiFi signal as the Asus, when I previously had a similar setup I found Asus to have better WiFi that the Fritzbox did (probably due to external vs internal antennas).

The only surefire way to know is to turn off Bridge mode and remove the Asus and see as it will be entirely dependent on the shape of your home, distance between the router and mesh nodes etc. etc.

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