Amazon Echo 5 2024 update brings new Clockface, but the new Night mode is too bright

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So it appears Amazon decided to update the default clock face to a new one, which actually looks cool.

The previous default one had bold hour and regular text for minutes on a black background or home screen background, and this older default clock still appears to be selectable in Clock faces, however the new one (which does not have a clock face preference you can set yet) overrides it.


This new default clockface has large blue numbers as Night Mode (above is day mode, but the night mode clock displays the time as big as the new day mode)

Anyhow, the issue is that the new clockface brings with it a new Night Mode clock, which is now blue numbers instead of red. This new Night Mode throws off far too much light, so now for the past few nights I have had to tell Alexa to "turn off the screen"

I contacted Alexa and told them the issue with the new Night mode, and this is what they said:



I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with the latest change to the colour of the background and clock on your Echo show 5. Upon reviewing my resources from your device details, it does appear that this issue has risen from the latest software update that was completed on your Echo show 5 (3rd Gen). I am not able to confirm if the background and colours would change on the device and I don't want to speculate on the matter, however, I have escalated this issue to our internal Alexa development team for them to look into this and request for this to be changed or for a choice to be brought forward to customers.  Thank you for your understanding.

So they did confirm that the new clockface was part of the update.


The old default clock is still in Settings, but you can no longer select it.. this clock had the red numbers in Night mode.

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