Computer rebooted out of nowhere, now very slow all of sudden

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Yesterday at dinner my computer (ASUS ROG) rebooted suddenly. For no particular reason, whilst doing nothing/standby.

Now it’s very, very slow and basically non-responsive. 

Any idea what may have caused this?
I'm thinking of reinstalling Windows 11, because this is unworkable (l reinstalled I think 2-3 years ago)

I got a BSOD earlier after installing nvidea’s latest drivers… but after another reboot [not this one slowing all down] it got back up. Apparently not fully recovered…


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Everything was OK on chkdsk and all.

I decided to reinstall Windows 11. And it's (indeed) a lot quicker and less 'bloated' anymore.

Ah well... once in a while it's good to reinstall the whole system :D 
(and luckily most data is stored in the cloud and/or mailservers anyway, which speeds up the installation process... :woot:)

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