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So the 2004 F1 Grand prix is about to kick off. So who do you think will take the flag on Sunday? I go for Schumie. :D

2004 FIA Formula 1 World Championship Calendar

Rnd Date Grand Prix Circuit

1 March 07 Australia Melbourne

2 March 21 Malaysia Sepang

3 April 04 Bahrain Bahrain

4 April 25 San Marino Imola

5 May 09 Spain Barcelona

6 May 23 Monaco Monte Carlo

7 May 30 Europe N?rburgring

8 June 13 Canada Montreal

9 June 20 US Indianapolis

10 July 04 France Magny-Cours *

11 July 11 Great Britain Silverstone

12 July 25 Germany Hockenheim

13 August 15 Hungary Hungaroring

14 August 29 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps

15 September 12 Italy Monza

16 September 26 China Shanghai

17 October 10 Japan Suzuka

18 October 24 Brazil Interlagos


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Can't wait...

start here from 1:30 PM on Friday 5/3/04!!! I can't wait!!!

all the practice sessions and qualifications!!! I'm so in!!!


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can't wait either......I like schumie to win, but I don't know about him this year

Lets just think this way... he had some bad rounds last year. Still won though :)

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Go Renault and go Alonso :) I think Renault and Alonso are gonna impress this season. But this whole season will be exiting. It will be early for me this Sunday :p

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well its really hard to tell.. with the performance increase throughout all cars. We will have to see if the new ferrari is dominating or not. But i guess Williams or Mclaren will try to win the championship this season.

But i think Montoya will give all he has got this season (not that he didnt last season).

Been waiting for F1 fo soo long.. but now its here, sundays are going to be fun again..1! :D

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It is possible that Button will finish in top 5 overall if the BAR proves to be as good as it is in testing. I am unsure of McLaren at the moment due to mixed testing and mixed feedback from Kimi and David. Williams will certainly be up there fighting with Ferrari, but reliabilty will play a huge part this season and Ferrari have a decent record over the last few years on reliabilty. I am also unsure of Renualt since they lost designer Mike Gasgoyne, remember, he designed the Jordan that finished third four or five years ago. This may have implications on how good the new Renault will be.

Down the bottom half of the table, I'd like to see Minardi challange for higher positions than last, but that depends on the new drivers as well as the car. Jordan, Sauber will be pretty even I think, with Jaguar possibly challenging the top 6. I still see Toyota as a decent team, but not consistant, so until a few races in it'll be hard to judge where they will be, possibly anywhere from 6th to 10th...

Driver wise, JPM, Kimi, Schuey, Schuey, Rubens are likley to be top 5, in any order. Challenging for top 5 places could also possibly be, DC, Jenson Button, Alonso and maybe even Trulli, if they and their cars are consistant enough.

Anyway, they are my pre-season predictions.

What I would like is for any McLaren, Williams or Renault Driver win the title and any of those teams with win the constructors.

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what the hell is going on with Villeneuve... i dont understand why no one has signed him. BAR provided good money but a ****ty team for such a talented racer, i think he'd do well with just about anyone else but BAR

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Idd. Jacques is simply too expensive for BAR. And in the last years he hasn't proved that's he's worth that money. And for the Dutch fans it's sad that Jos Verstappen won't drive :s But Jos the Boss will be back...:p

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