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[BitTorrent Troubleshoot] Network connection



Hi everyone,

I don't know if this happened to any of you, but ANY help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated... :yes:


My network connection drops entirely after I've been downloading stuff with BitTorrent for a while. I couldn't connect to the Internet, not even my school's network (local area) until I restarted my computer. In fact, when I tried to exit Windows, the computer freezed and I had to forcefully turn it off.

What I tried

  • Network card. I tried several versions of my NIC's driver, but this problem still persisted.
  • BitTorrent Client. I tried BitTorrent v3.2.1, ABC v2.6.5 (i.e. Shad0w experimental vS-5.8.11), Azureus v2.0.7.0 with J2RE 1.5b1, and BitSpirit v2.0RC1... but with no success. I limited my download and upload speed, number of connections, and the port range. None of these helped.
  • Software Combination. I have been having this problem since I purchased this computer. I formatted the HD and re-installed Windows several times, but the problem was still there even with a "clean" software configuration (i.e. no firewall, no anti-virus).
  • Internet Connection Source. I could download stuff from both "local" and "remote" source, and my download/upload speed is normally fast (i.e. ~200-500kiB/s). I think it's safe to conclude that neither the routers nor my school server's Packeteer software enforces the use of BitTorrent . Also, it's my *network* connection that fails, *not* my Internet account.


Laptop Model: HP Compaq Presario X1000

Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP1

Current BT Client: ABC v2.6.5

Current NIC driver: Realtek RTL8139 C+ Fast Ethernet Drivers for Windows XP v2.00A (18 Jun 03)

Current Protection: Symantec Antivirus Corporate v8.1.1.319, no firewall (not even ICF).

I don't know if there're other hardware components related to this problem. But if you want more details about my computer and software, just reply. Anyways, thanks in advance for your help !!!! :)


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Unfortunately this is a problem I sometimes suffer from also. In a few FAQ's I have read, the authors have suggested that some combinations of NIC drivers/OS' etc cant handle the multiple connections that bittorent uses. So there isnt really anything you can do.

However, I find using shadows bt client, and limiting the connections enabling me to stay connected, however only at max 60*KB/S.

Sorry dude. I have the same, if not exact specs as you (NIC etc) except I have a desktop, and I get the same probs. Ive had to settle for below par bittorrent performance. Try different clients to the ones youve tried, its a pain I know, sorry.


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The same thing used to happen to me too, when downloading too fast. I'm on cable, and I had to unplug-replug the cable-modem to reinitalise the connection. It mostly happened on hightraffic period, like 7-8 PM.

But I think my ISP upgraded something, because it doesn't happen anymore.

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On Azureus, did you try enabling the slow connecting option? That did the trick for me. Also, It is probably your modem firmware, not your NIC card. Have you tried updating your modem's firmware?

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On Azureus, did you try enabling the slow connecting option?  That did the trick for me. 

Yup, I did that with Azureus... even though I had slower speed (which is certainly not a problem for me), the computer still halts my connection. Just some more FYI, this weird problem occurred even when I had the speed of ~20kiB/s (with only ~15 peers/seeds connected)...

Also, It is probably your modem firmware, not your NIC card.  Have you tried updating your modem's firmware?

Unfortunately, I'm on a school network so I can't really update the firmware of the server modem (unless I have the permission, lol). Also, if that is the modem's problem, will everyone who connects the same problem will have their connections failed? It didn't happened to them...

Thanks for your help, thor777_au, Dr.Jones, and sp0rk !!! :) More suggestions would be welcome, of course... lol

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