Best Basketball Player?

Who Is The Best Basketball Player Today!?  

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  1. 1. Who Is The Best Basketball Player Today!?

    • Shaquille Oneal (Lakers)
    • Allen Iverson (Sixers)
    • Tracy Mcgrady (Magics)
    • Kobe Bryant (Lakers)
    • Kevin Garnett (T'wolves)
    • Tim Duncan (Spurs)
    • Paul Pierce (Celtics)
    • Jermaine Oneal (Pacers)
    • Dirk Nowitski (Mavericks)
    • Chris Webber (Kings)

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Kevin Garnett, hands down. He's 7 feet tall, can play all 5 positions, can shoot, can pass, can handle the rock, rebounds, blocks shots, creates his own shot, can shoot off the dribble, can shoot of the pick n roll...etc.

Shaq is the most dominate but no way is he the best basketball player.

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mark price?

Wow I cant believe someone mentioned Price. He was my favorite growing up in Cleveland. But now I have to say that LeBron is one of the best young players but he is definitely not the best of all players.

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Skill wise, this option is easy for me.. Tracy McGrady is the most talented player in the league. He may not bring everything to the table every game, but that guy has some serious talent ;)

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that's a hard list to choose decide who's the best bball player..especially since they all play different positions...

but i tell you what..if i were to choose which of them deserves a title..that would be i voted for him..

same with jkidd, if he were on the and jkidd are the only two people in the league, i believe, that truly deserve a title

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