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Yeah there was a fake diesel/razor ramon, it was the time when they left to WCW.. I think the fake diesel was the same guy who is Kane (or to those that remember him as dr. isaac yankem dds lol) now..

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so he is back as the undertaker now (Y) and not the biker guy who listend to kid rock (Y)

i may have to start watching again

Actually he came back as sort of both characters. I expect to see him slide back to the biker within weeks. :(

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i wish he came back as the dead man. it was kinda disappointing.

my night was made when hhh tapped out like a bitch. :devil:

the game is over.

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Next, it was Undertaker vs. Kane. The Undertaker is the same old biker Undertaker, only with a big cowboy hat and longer (not even shoulder length) black hair. He looked TERRIBLE, and resembles nothing of his old "Dead Man" character except for the rolling eyes. This match was absolutely terrible and pure torture to watch. I admire Brock Lesnar for not wanting to feud with the Undertaker again. LOOK AT THIS MATCH AND SEE WHY! Once Undertaker started wrestling, the pops for him quickly died and "you suck" chants were heard towards the Undertaker by the end of the match. This man is going to dominate the Smackdown roster? What a crime! What a joke! What a complete letdown by the WWE on this guy's return.

Just thought I'd pass that along to all you Taker fans. Heh heh heh. :x

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Really was hyped up for The Undertaker's return, but his look plain old sucked !! They should of made his face more pail, add some shadow around his eyes to darken it up.. to acutally make him look dead. His outfit was just sad, it was the Biker with a cowboy hat on..

This is how the UNDERTAKER should of looked...

Outfit - Black shirt with torn off sleeves, cover up his Sara tattoo on his neck, just showing his arm tattoos is good enough, then have black pants to color match the torn shirt, with black boots, and a long black trenchcoat over top of it all.. with the black hat

Face - Make his face more white..looked like he had a sun tan.. make it white by putting face makeup on..and when black marks where his eyebrows make it look more evil, some dark blak around his eyes..and some hair extensions, then soak his hair wet..

Accessories - A undertaker symbol cross hanging from his neck, and his old style gloves...that go up to his forearms...and put in white contacts in his make it look even more dead..

Now if you agree with this..lets hear it , I am sending this idea to the WWE, and maybe they might just listen..

This is how he should of came down to the Ring..have Paul Bearer..leading the Druids..pushing a coffin down to the ring, with the blue spotlight follwing thier steps..then have Paul...take the Urn..and lift it to the sky..and have a lightining bold hit the coffin..and then it will be pushed open by the Undertaker, as he sits up...and the camera pans into it..and have a Mic for Paul saying OHHH YESS!!.....OHH YESS!!.....

Thats how it should of went down...not John Wayne walking down to the ring...

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