Veterans Stadium Imploded

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This actually happened earlier this week, but no one said anything about it so i will..

heres a video of the implosion - boom

and a memoriam of the stadium - link

kinda emotional im sure for all the phillies/eagles fans.. i know how it goes, i remember very well when atlanta-fulton county stadium came down. I remember the first time i drove by the pile of rubble that used to be the park. i didnt even like turner field at first, it just wasnt home. of course ive grown used to it now, but fulton county was where i took in my first MLB game in 1989 against the Astros at the age of 3.

I went to a game at the Vet once too. Phillies/Mets i think it was. Summer of 1998. The park reminded me a lot of Fulton County.. basic oval stadium. One thing i remember in particular is that it had the worst hot dogs of any of the 20 MLB parks i've visited.

Anyways, Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park both look great, and as raucous as Philadelphia fans can be, they are loyal, and they deserve better than Veterans Stadium.

more linkage about the Vet -


pictures from 4 different cameras

Veterans Stadium by the numbers

Ballparks of Baseball's Veterans Stadium page

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