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"Hidden" network connection


Stonkwell Bogtrotter

Ok, here's the scenario.

Had a setup and the mobo had on-board LAN. I am on a router etc, and set the IP to xxx.xxx.x.102

Now, mobo went ###### up so I got a replacement upgrade, and still used same HDD and XP install etc.

I now try to setup IP as xxx.xxx.x.102 but Windows (XP) tells me that "another network connection is using the IP" amd I can't set my IP as the 102.

But...and here's the wierd thing. XP has decided to "hide" the original (old board) network connection, therefore I can't delete it to enable me to use the 102 ip addy!

Any ideas how I can get rid of the old network connection that XP has kindly "hidden"?

BTW. Unhide files etc is already done. :blink:

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in Device manager, go to "view" and select "show hidden devices" if it still doesn't show up, reboot to safe mode.

IMHO, you are better off reloading windows clean, when you swap out a mobo, for a different one.

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yeah i'd say that overall it's best to just bite the bullet and reinstall. but definitely remove any hidden devices. also make sure no funky bridging is occuring either (damn XP and bridging all the connections half the time)

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