No Excuses For Ukranian Robot This Time!

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Nothing makes me happier to see the fraud labeled "heir apparent" taken out. I mean, really, did most fans actually buy into this fighter? When someone is labeled "heir apparent", they need to really be up to par to make this fan believe. Thats just me though.

As for the fight, personally, it wasnt just the lack of a granite chin nor a heart made of nails, Wlad just beat himself. Sure the punches had its impact, but, it was just odd to me that someone who seemed of a greater caliber and really showed it in the first few rounds, would burn all their gas so soon. Really makes me question the heart more. I just went in circles, suppose theres no real explanation, maybe its really simple, who knows. One thing for sure, Wlad should leave boxing to his older brother, even though Im not completely sold on that dude as well. Think Toney takes him out before 9 if that fight would materialize.

Heres another perspective....




Having long been suspicious of Wladimir Klitschko, I wasn?t as stunned as one would think to see him get walloped by an out of shape Lamon Brewster. In control of the fight for the first two and a half three-minute sessions of battle, Wlad was the Clydesdale with a ten-length lead over Brewster who looked like at chubby pony at 6?1 in comparison to the 6?7 Ukrainian. Then late in the third round I heard glass hitting the Mandalay Bay ring canvas at the same time Brewster landed his first decent punch!


And while the punch thrown by Brewster seemingly lacked great delivery or leverage, this crossing left did make Wlad do a Ukrainian hat dance! Although he would get out the round, Klitschko was obviously hurt and seemingly by a nothing punch! And while Wlad went back to kicking Brewster?s ass some more in the fourth, the door of opportunity for an out of shape Lamon was open, but oh so briefly!


Getting dropped by a one-two (left-right) in that fourth round seemed had Wladimir licking the envelope on Brewster. Unloading with everything a 6?7 klutz could throw without landing much, Wlad simply shot his load stamina wise. Looking like an asthmatic than a fighter, Wlad could offer a hard counter. There never has been any natural "Pugilistic Viagra" in the blood of the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, and folks the limpness was just beginning.  As for his testing Diabetic, Emanuel said so late Saturday night.  Sunday on Ring Talk Radio he sort of dismissed the glucose report.


That fifth and final round saw Brewster trying in desperation to end matters. And officially he did! After nearly being driven into the fourth row by a Brewster left, Referee Robert Byrd correctly ruled the ropes saved the big man from sitting in somebody?s lap. Brewster jumped back on Wlad who at this point was a knockout victim looking to happen. At the bell, Klitschko collapsed and could not get to his feet. Unable to continue, Byrd waved it off and another so-called "Heir Apparent" had been exposed!


OK, so ex-Promoter Harold Smith was right again! He had predicted Brewster would win a heavyweight title belt back in 1999! But Brewster needs to get with a Trainer that can drive him harder as his high percentage of body fat, even though he weighed 226 lbs., it was quite evident! I think Lamon realizes this time "Lady Luck" shined her light on him as he has vowed to be in much better shape in his first defense of the WBO belt.

Get the full story here....

Now if you read the link as well, he speaks of the Zab vs. Spinks fight, which Im happy with as well. Something about a loud mouth street punk athlete who has Rappers rapping in the ring while he enters, just irritates the hell out of me. These are rolemodels? Sorry, Ill leave the politics in another forum, so thus the disclaimer on the article. The author speaks of his political stance which for this thread should be discarded. His views on boxing shall remain and counted for.

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Wlad: I was suddenly weak!

Fightnews spoke to Klitschko yesterday afternoon to see how he was and to get his explanation regarding this odd turn of events. He stated: "I have absolutely no explanation why I became so weak during the fight. From the middle of the first round, I was totally exhausted. As the rounds went on I became weaker and weaker and I don't know why. I did not become weak because of the punches. I know this because in the third round, I received a punch - but I saw that punch and it did not effect me. I didn't become weak because of it. In the fourth round, I knocked Lamon down twice and I knew I had him hurt. I knew I was going to win the fight. But, I could not finish him because I was so weak. Eventually, we both fell to the canvas. But, I was so weak that I couldn't get up. In fact, the referee grabbed my arm to help me. If he did not do that, I would not have made it back to my corner. I have no idea why this happened.

"Also, my trainer Emanuel Steward has no idea either. He told me that in all his years, in hundreds of fights, that he has never seen any situation like that, where a fighter becomes totally weakened early in the first round. In the middle of the first round, my legs felt like rubber. I did not have the feeling as if I punched myself out. The feeling was much, much different. In training for this fight, my pace was a lot higher than in the fight. I was throwing much more combinations and didn't have any problem with weakness. I know fighters can punch themselves out and over pace themselves - but that doesn't happen in the first round! After the fight, I went to the hospital and when I came back to my hotel room, I slept for over 10 hours!

"At the hospital, the CAT scans were normal and everything else was fine. I will know the official results of my blood test tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday. But, I have no explanation for my sudden weakness and I'm not looking for excuses. I lost the fight and I congratulate Lamon on his victory."

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