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another poll to get idea of the baseball fans here

Personally, i hated the idea of interleague at first. I was in attendance at the first interleague game in Texas in 1997.. and it just didnt feel right. The idea has grown on me, but i still dont really like it. I'm ok with it if you maybe only played a home and home with your geographical or longtime rival every year.

sample matchups:











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The games could be good, depending on how the teams are playing once interleague starts. All of the other major sports leagues does interleague play. Why don't fans of baseball like it?

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Yes - it brings some excitement to various cities around baseball at different parts of the year. It also brings rivalries together (cities in the same area/state) that otherwise wouldn't have a chance to play each other.

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I didn't like the idea at first but it has grown on me since they do add more excitement to the season. I however don't like the Home and Home local rivals thing. The Cubs play the Sox twice, mainly because the games are a big draw for Comiskey (Wrigley is alway a big draw so that's a moot point). It eliminates a series that can bring other teams and stars to the area.

I would like to eliminate one of those series, instead, alternating the home parks from year to year and use that extra Intlerleague series for another team.

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Yes, but I'd much rather see the Yankees and Sox in different divisions than interleague play, if I had the choice. Since I don't, NY v. NY games are fun to watch.

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i like it!

it's a chance to see a team we prolly wouldn't see unless we travelled to it. getting to see the chisox at cinti makes me think of the black sox and seeing the bosox, yanks, and As reminds me of the 1975, '76, and '90 ws when the reds whooped ugly on them :D. it woulda been cool to have the interleague play when sparky was managing the tigers because he was so great in cinti in the '70s and people woulda loved to see him in town...

BUT....there must be NO dh in any interleague's NOT right!

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I'm all about going to a great Cubs/Sox series every year. Its all about fights in the stands and on the field. :D More often that not, the White Sox have won those series. :shifty: :p

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