FOX HD for 2004 NFL regular season:

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Well the news has broke. FOX will be upgrading all their local stations to HD for free including their non O&O stations. This new technology will offer consistant quality since the source will be unchanged all the way too your house. For live sporting events such as the NFL they will record the feed with DD5.1 sound and it will be sent to every local station unchanged and sent through a splicer at the local station where they add their bugs and such still without even touching the signal. There is no re-encoding not any decoding done until it reaches your house.

Now where this is big is that FOX will broadcast upto 6 games in 720p HDTV this coming 2004 regular season. They will be showing at the least all national 4pm games in every area at the least. They have to say upto 6 games because some weeks they may only have 4 or 5 games total so they can't advertise that they will have 6 games every week when they could have weeks without 6 games to broadcast.

DirecTV customers with NFL Sunday Ticket packages will very very likely get these games in HDTV since the head guy at the DirecTV Group Inc said they would about a few weeks ago.

Also wherever you live you will have very good chances of seeing your home team if in the NFC in HDTV since you should have quite a few 4pm games so you can see them via OTA antenna for free with either an HDTV OTA tuner, DirecTV HD box or via your local cable system assuming they offer your local FOX digital station which not all do.

Also remember that you will need an HDTV set to receive these HD games. You will also need an ATSC tuner or an HD box from your cable company and your cable company has to offer the FOX digital station.

In my area BHN offers our Fox digital station on channel 613 (WTVT-DT) or in my case my DirecTV HD box the Zenith SAT520 adds it too my AGP as channel 13-1.

Well with FOX doing at least 4 games I would say and CBS doing one game if they stay the same and ABC and ESPNs games we could have at least 7 games in HDTV each week. We will have to wait to see what CBS will do now.

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Australian viewers should be able to see those in HD via Fox Sports on FOXTEL/Austar Digital, but only in a few years time when they actually start broadcasting a decent amount of HD :p

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i was waiting for that.

you prolly searched HD just to find it. :p

LOL! I want his HD!!!!

My cousin's got it, and it's SWEEEET compared to PAL - let alone NTSC (how can you guys stand it!?!?).

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Astra to provide HDTV in Europe on January 1st, 2004 and currently has one two HDTV channels called Euro1080 and you can check this out at to find out what you need and such. But it is rolled out and will only get better but for NFL games and such will be a whole nother story but at least its available now and I think Pioneer is making HDTV sets for those of you in Europe but don't quote me on this since I don't live in Europe. I have a few friends that live there that have it and they say they get it from Astra and that the quality is very very good but they are basing it on what they are used too and not what I see in HD from the US of A so that doesn't help. But you can check out AVSForum at the above link for more information and you can register and ask questions if needed. I don't know costs or anything so that is up to you to get that information.

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