[Soccer] UEFA cup

who is going to win this year's edition?  

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  1. 1. who is going to win this year's edition?

    • Valencia
    • Villareal
    • Newcastle United
    • Olympique de Marseille

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personally i really want Marseilles to win i've supported them since i was 8 but on a more realistic point of view i think Valencia are very likely to win it this year. Marseilles can do impressively good matches sometimes though, and they already eliminated liverpool and inter milan, but i think that their side is too inexperienced to win against more experienced sides like Newcastle or Valencia.

Newcastle have a very strong team and are unbeaten at home which is quite an achievement at that stage of the competition.

Valencia are leader of La Liga, and that just shows they have consistency in their results.

Villareal i dont know much about them, apart from the fact that they hav a very good striker, Sonny Anderson. He played for Lyon last year, and scored some truly amazing goals.

So, what do you think people??

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I'd have loved Blackburn Rovers to win it, cos i support em :p But Valencia will win, even though at this stage i want newcastle to win.

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i bring this topic back from the dead as the verdict comes close...in 9dayz the final will take place and newcastle and villareal are out.

so now who do you think will win the UEFA cup?


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valencia won thanks to a ref mistake :cry: when will we get video refereeing?

marseille was dominating that match until barthez got sent off just before half time...collina, you stole us the cup :cry:

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A refereeing mistake? You mean it was a mistake to send off Bruce Lee, or Barthez as he's also known?

I think he was the last man back, even if the defenders where behind him, they weren't blocking the goal so Mista would have had an open net. However, the last man back issue has clouded the fact that it was a sending off offense anyway - he went in with 2 feet.

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