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who is going to win this year's champions league??  

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  1. 1. who is going to win this year's champions league??

    • Monaco
    • Chelsea
    • FC Porto
    • Deportivo

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Deportivo: you never know what they're up to: one day they lose 4-1, the next they win 4-0. like that crazy match agaisnt Monaco earlier in the competition that ended 8-3 for Monaco

Porto: they won the UEFA cup, and are without contest the strongest portuguese team.they surprised everyone by eliminating ManYoo, before dominating Lyon in the quarterfinals

Monaco: leader of the French Ligue, Monaco are not as strong as they were this winter. But on the european side, they are a bit like Deportivo:you never know what's going to happen really.they eliminated Real Madrid on away goals, which was nearly as amazin as Deportivo's comeback agaisnt A.C.

Chelsea: everyone thought Arsenal was going to be the English representative at the semi-finals.Chelsea have word-class players, a bit like Real Madrid, but somehow they are not as good as they should

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Deportivo is my favorite in this case.

Monaco isn't really a great team I think, not CL winner worthy.

FC Porto is great too, good team with some great players like McCarthy and Deco.

I hope Chelsea doesn't get to the finals... I don't like how they buy succes. They just spend tons of money and hope for some succes. Deportivo and FC Porto are much nice in that way, they manage to get this far without spending insane amounts of money.

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