[TIP] - Simple way to tell your architecture

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in console type cat /proc/cpuinfo which will give you various info on your system processor

easiest way to tell what arch. your pc is at which will help you to determine which packages to install on various systems, i.e. Redhat RPMs look for the line

cpu family : #

whatever # shows, i.e. 5 then place an "86" after that which will result in you having a 586 architecture and from here you can determine the packages you can install for what architecture your pc is.

hth ;-)

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cool thanks for the additions ;-)

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Sweet. Thanks guys! =)

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the evn show

an alternative is the "arch" and "machine" commands

On a powerpc G4:

(evn@evnbook:evn)$ arch


(evn@evnbook:evn)$ machine


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