NFL Asks Supreme Court to Bar Clarett

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The NFL urged the Supreme Court on Thursday to keep Maurice Clarett out of this weekend's draft because the dispute over his eligibility is unsettled.

Saying a team picking Clarett would be left with nothing if he ultimately is barred from the pros this season, the league said the former Ohio State running back could enter a supplemental draft if allowed into the NFL.

Clarett, 20, asked the court this week to require the NFL to let him in the draft despite a lower court injunction against him.

He is fighting the NFL's requirement that players wait three years after high school before turning pro. Also awaiting word from the Supreme Court is wide receiver Mike Williams of Southern California, who is expected to be a first-round pick ? if eligible...

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just let them enter! if the teams wanna draft them, then they must be worth it. they just don't draft sucky people for no reason (well, not usually). if they flop, they flop. if they get pounded, they get pounded. so what? let the player decide if he wants in or not. let the team decide if he's good enough or not. let the game decide if he'll make it or not.

are teams forced to draft every last player that is entered into the draft??

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