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Well today pompey won against leeds who are in the bottom 3 and look like there going to drop to div1, how ever pompey have now jumped from 16th to 14th. Everyone is getting there necked brathed on cause the premership table is so close postion 4 downwards. We got 4 games left to play and boy aren't they going to be fun!.

first of fulham gunna be a tough game but pompey are getting alot better and winning games more.

second arsenal, we mite win we mite lose maybe even draw like spurs did today! if we start losing the fration faithfull(pompey fans) will cheer with arsenal lol just like last time.

leicester city hmmm i think we win this one but scrapy cause well leicester hates us lol

Middlesbrough ooo going to be a tough one to think, just win i think

anyone else a pompey fan

also it's fun to be a smaller under dog team cause you got something to look forward to, like getting the club more money to improve the staduim instead of making alot of money, then theres getting the club to higher postions. to me top of the table in the premership is boring, it always the bottom 10 that are the best matchs, it basicly people who enjoy football instead of make **** load of money out of it, plus being in the top 3 is even more boring you won the cup many times it just seem pointless you just win a cup earn a place in another comp then you win that and it justs ends.

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everton fan here , all me life lol , ever since i can remember we've been in the bottom half of the table apart from 2 or 3 seasons (im 20), hopefully next season the boys will get there act together :)

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