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I need some fantasy baseball advice, and I'm so lost that I'm getting desperate. Here's my situation:

My team was last in my league in RBIs. I really need some good RBI men. Danny Bautista is available in my league as a free agent, and I'm thinking about picking him up. Problem is, I don't know who to drop. Here's my team:



C M. Barrett (ChC - C)

1B F. Thomas (CWS - 1B,DH)

2B B. Boone (Sea - 2B) 2B

3B V. Castilla (Col - 3B) 3B

SS C. Guill?n (Det - 3B,SS)

OF B. Bonds (SF - LF)

OF J. Pierre (Fla - CF)

OF J. Jones (Min - LF,RF,DH)

Util C. Pe?a (Det - 1B)

BN S. Podsednik (Mil - CF)

BN O. Cabrera (Mon - SS)

BN M. Lieberthal (Phi - C)

DL G. Anderson (Ana - LF,DH)



SP E. Milton (Phi - SP)

SP H. Nomo (LA - SP)

RP J. Borowski (ChC - RP)

RP A. Rhodes (Oak - RP)

P O. P?rez (LA - SP)

P M. Clement (ChC - SP)

P K. Ishii (LA - SP)

BN J. V?zquez (NYY - SP)

BN C. Pavano (Fla - SP)

BN K. Wood (ChC - SP)

BN R. Dickey (Tex - SP,RP)

I was thinking about either Nomo, Cabrera, Pena, Guillen, Dickey, Lieberthal, or Barrett. But which one?

Nomo, Lieberthal, and Cabrera aren't doing well so far this season, but they might be beneficial later on and I might be able to get someone better by way of a trade later on. Barrett, Dickey, Pena, and Guillen, on the other hand, are having good seasons so far, but are they worth keeping?

And is Danny Bautista even that good to be thinking this much about him?

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I dropped Dickey from my team. I figure my pitching is good enough (Wood, Clement, Ishii, Milton). Plus, I forgot to mention that I'm in the midst of a trade with another player - Juan Pierre for Kip Wells. My pitching will be good enough...I won't need Dickey after the trade.

I would drop Guillen and Pena, but they 16 and 19 RBIs, respectively, and I might need them later on for those RBIs.

Posednik's having a great season so far. 14 steals, 20+ runs...he's not someone I'd drop just yet. Castilla's the same thing, except he's got 20+ RBIs. Both players are currently too good to drop just now.

I think Dickey was the best choice for me in the end. Thanks for the advice everyone.

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