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Ok, I am having a problem connecting my XP home computer to my school's network. I would love to be able to browse other people's folders and files, but it isn't working. It (explorer, i think) will just lag and then crash. I don't know if it's with my computer or with the network setup in general. does anybody know where i could get more information about this issue, so that I might be able to resolve it? Anything would be helpful, thanks.

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Is your PC name and your username on your home PC both part of the school's domain? If not, you won't be able to access their resources. Additionally, someone may have set permissions on specific resources, which may also prevent your access to the resources if your username has not received specific permissions (if not part of a group already authorized access.) Get with your system admin at the school and ask for access to their resources.

Unfortunately, sometimes 2000/XP unable to quickly resolve and reject unassigned permissions to unauthorized users. (I don't know why.) A consequence can be virtual or real 'lockup' over the network to the PC which is not authorized.

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