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[Alpha] Pop Goes the GMail



Pop Goes the GMail

PGtGM has been discontinued. Please use http://www.gnotify.com/gpopper/ instead!

PGtGM sits between you GMail account and your email client, converting messages from the web based mailbox into POP3 messages that a program such as Outlook Express or Firebird can understand.

POP3 server now fully works. You are able to download gmail emails through any email client. SMTP server appears to work.

Please post any bugs you find in the login process to the thread, or problems displaying messages.


Click here v0.9 (120k)

NOTE: You need to have the .net runtimes installed. Click Here





Version log:

0.1 Inital test version

0.2 Fixed displaying only first 5 messages bug, added better error handling.

0.3 Better error display for errors when parsing message arrays.

Prototype SMTP and POP3 server built in.

0.4 POP3 server now fully works.

You are able to download gmail emails through any email client

0.5 SMTP works, I hope.

Notifies of new messages with tool tip balloon on tray.

Fixed username not found bug.

Used TripleDES encryption to store password in registry.

Fixed problem with no messages in account

0.6 SMTP server accepts attachments

Added Outlook 2003 support

Fixed login bug

Added Mozilla mail client support

Added generic mail client support with correct error responses

Added email client setup page to about screen

Modified design and layout of main form

0.7 Modified the way PGtGM downloads mails

Added advanced tab with various new options

Added ability to change the POP3 and SMTP ports.

Added option to disable external clients from using PGtGM

Added message menu function to rcvd emails

Fixed incorrect password giving blank messagebox bug

PGtGM starts on the tray by default

Fixed unable to exit Windows bug

Added update checking on startup

0.8 Additons:

Allowed user to change port if it is already in use on startup

SMTP server supports RSET

Added better port-in-use checking interface on startup

Fixed 'contenttype text/plain' SMTP server bug

Added proxy support

XML output of messagelist everytime a check commences

Added confirm exit option

Fixed password incorrect doing nothing bug

Removed shameless advertising on outgoing emails!

Fixed main form not being displayed problem

Fixed constant notification of new messages

0.9 Fixed attachment sending bug (I hope)

Now supports multiple To and CC addresses

Added debug log feature

Moved back to Mentalis.org SSL dll

Tightened up security on SMTP server

Started work on IMAP support (doesn't work yet)

Fixed port not saved/max of 60 bug

Improved error handling

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