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I just got done with my collegiate hockey season, and want to start running again in order to burn this fat I've gained over the last few weeks partying and eating a little too much for the simple fact I've been eating fast food too much.

Anyways, I want to progressively work my way up to a good routine, any suggestions? Any programs with damn good results?

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i am a runner, and i was in a situation where i gained a lot of weight my last year of college, went up to 213lbs... now around 163...

anyways, starting running sucks if you are out of shape, you get out of breath early and its no fun, but stick with it, do loops around town and change them up, try to go a little further everyday and in a month you should be in decent stay. It?s also very important to stay out at least 45 minutes for a good fat burning aerobic exercise

i also (and still do) the low carb thing which combined with exercise brought quick weight loss

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