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My first Desktop this time here. :cool:


--- (click the image to get a Version of 1024x768) ---

Wallpaper: Frease dzine one six

Visual Style: Style XP 2.04 with 521 blue DesignPack

Icons: Icon Packager with G.A.N.T 2 Icons

Messenger: Miranda IM 0.34a with Membus Blue Icons

Player: Winamp 5.03 with Mini ME IV Skin

Glass & Shadows: Glass2k v.0.9.2 & Yz Shadow v.1.9

Cursors: Modified blue shine XP Cursors by ArtCursors (self made)

Yours sincerely

_FaThErBoArD_ :yes:

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how can I make firefox look that??

to explain it more indepth,

go to tools, options, extensions, get extensions. download the compact menu extension, then right click toolbar and select customize. you will see a section at the bottom called compact menu, select all the boxes and that it.

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So...why do some people have an analog clock on their desktop and a digital one in the taskbar? Isn't that a little redundant?

For eyecandy I guess :rolleyes:

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