Found this new site...

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found this new site with sports columns

heres there statement

The Sports Kiosk is a website dedicated to covering the sports world and the many issues

that surround it. It is our goal to give readers a different perspective then one they may get

from a mainstream publication. We'll get your mind on sports, where it belongs. Our

columnists have all worked for previous organizations and are vastly experienced in the

sports writing world. They came here to speak their minds clearly. This is the no- holds-

barred forum for the Sports World. We don't hold anything back at TSK. We hope you enjoy

your experience with us. -The Staff of TSK

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i'm not sure if this is spam or not, a mod may want to check that out. and even if it isnt spam, somebody should edit that so the link works. i mean, you can tell what it's trying to link to, but it would be helpful if it was actually fixed up right. ;)

EDIT: well, the link was taken care of.... :ninja:

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