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[NFL] June 1 cuts


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ok. so i am ****ed that all these good players just get cut and teams dont get anything.

trotter... fiore... testaverde... warner... i mean these players are still valuable. why dont the teams try to trade or anything like that.

the rams coulda gotten something from the giants for warner. be it a pick or some bench warmer. it still adds depth instead of getting nothing.

eric crouch. what a loser. in, out, in, out.... DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO PLAY. what a useless heisman pick.

daryl gardner will do nice in cincy.

hello portis, goodbye canidate.

vinny will look good in a star helmet, even though he wont play.

i love this off season. this nfl season is going to be the best ever!

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You bet, man....The NFL is by far the best.....

The reason these guys weren't traded is due to the salary cap. If a team trades for them, they assume the rest of their contract...June 1 cuts are primarily salary cap related.

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thank god for the salary cap in all professional sports.....(except baseball)

The cap is forcing big name players to find a new team to play for due to their monster salary demands.

For example Jerimiah Trotter, Kurt Warner, Vinny Testeverde, and many more will fit into a new teams system to make football a better sport.

We all got bored of seeing the two time MVP award winner Kurt Warner sit the bench. We all got sick of seeing Trotter play for a team where he could not get more fame and credit than he deserved.

What the releases on june 1st do for the league is incredible, it gives viewers just one more reason to watch the great sport of football.

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Man, Zack Bronson? That sucks, although I understand why. I'm going to miss him. He and Lance Shulters (when he was here) helped rejuvenate the 49ers' Safety positions.

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Shulters definitley a hit to the 49ers. You gotta look at it this way, the future doesnt look good anyway...start rebuilding now. No Owens,Garcia,Shulters, or Bronson....its tough but heck look at me im a bears fan and well you know how that goes.....

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