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My younger brother and I were playing a game of 21 after supper today and started just being stupid and made up our own version . . . thought I'd share for those of you who are really bored . . .


1 - Must spell the name of the game with an 'X-' never 'EX' . . . that's just not cool

2 - First shot hit is 'breaking the ice' (1 Point)

3 - When the ball goes out of bounds (except in the event of rule #6) or a player takes a shot, the player gets to take another shot from behind the free throw line, this shot is worth two points (except in the case of rule #2)

4 - All shots from in front of the free throw line are worth 1 point

5 - When a player misses his shot, his opponent has three seconds and 1 pivot step to shoot from where he/she picked up the ball

6 - If the player is returning with his opponents ball from out of bounds, they may enter in a straight line (parallel to the net) from where the ball was picked up, and make a running/twisting/falling shot from the out-of-bounds line

7 - No look shots add 1 point to value of the shot

8 - If a player misses a shot, and their opponent gets the shot before it hits the ground and they miss, then the first player gets the rebound and misses before it hits the ground and misses again a rally is started (three missed shots without the ball touching the ground) for each missed shot without the ball hitting the ground until the ball is sunk AFTER the first three shots, 1 point is added to the value of the final shot

9 - The ball may only be carried by juggling the ball with your feet, otherwise, you shoot on spot

10 - Three second shot limit is to be counted in Mississippi's, no steam boats, no 1000's, that's just gay man

11 - Using Pootie Tang related insults and comments results in the ball being thrown at your crotch (this rule is subject to change, as my brother had just watched the movie for the 18 000 time before supper and was on a Pootie kick)

12 - The winning player must score exactly 21 points, if a player scores over 21 points with their final shot, they subtract the value of the current shot from their current score

13 - Throwing the ball out of bounds is another ball to crotch

There will probably be more rules later . . . that's all for now though :rofl:

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how i loved basketball. then my friend (the only one around with a basketball hoop... living in rural areas sucks) moved :(

You can come play at my house lol :ninja:

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some of the rules are :wacko: i'll just stick to regular 21 w/ tips
Ummm, this is a joke eh, we were bored and being stupid
that'd be quite a trip just to play some basketball

Could be farther, at least we're on the same continent lol :happy:

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