Grand Prix du Canada

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is anyone watching the Montreal GP? i think this is one of the best races all year so far and probably one of the most intensive tracks in the whole circuit. Maybe im partially bias because its being raced in my home town and i was out last night looking at the cars and at the Mercedes/Mclaren party. I honestly think this is one of the most exciting sports (of course only 2nd to Hockey ;)). So are you watching?

Ralph is first so far, i hope McLaren or Williams can pull it off

Track length

4.361 km

Number of laps

70 (305.270 Km)

Top speed

348 Km/h


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after 47 laps of 70

Michael is first

Ralph is 2nd


Ralph just took over his older brother


n/m Ralph just entered the pit and theyre going for a 3 stop strategy whereas his brother is going for a 2 stop

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Breaking news - Williams and Toyota disqualified!

Brake cooling the cause for Montreal upset

No luck once again for Ralf Schumacher....

Brakes are always critical around Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and today Ralf Schumacher finished in a fine second position behind Michael Schumacher, but seemingly Schumacher?s hard work was for nothing. Both he and team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya, who finished in fourth position have been disqualified from the race. Toyota runners Cristiano da Matta who finished in eight and Olivier Panis have also been excluded.

AFP are reporting that both teams featured illegal brake cooling ducts and have therefore been disqualified. The breaking news means that Ferrari secured a Canadian one-two result ahead of Button in his BAR Honda. The rest of the pack shuffles up with Giancarlo Fisichella moving from sixth to fourth in his Sauber Petronas ahead of Kimi Raikkonen in fifth , Coulthard in sixth,. It is double- delight for Jordan Ford as both Timo Glock and Nick Heidfeld are now classified in seventh and eight positions respectively.

This is a major upset for Williams and Toyota.


Source AFP

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ah damn....that really sucks big time.

i wonder what was so illegal... cosidering the bigger the duct the more the drag which would slow them down ( and montreal is a fast course)


oh well this race was doomed after the first renault went out...

no points for ralph and juan pablo... and poor da Matta (they need all the points they can get in that team atm)

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I watched about three quarters of it, until go old Michael took first as usual. I like F1, but this season is pretty damm boring. They might as well just give Schu the championship. Ferrari is more than likely cheating somehow and getting away with it all season. Montaco was just a fluke. Money speaks in F1!. :angry:

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