Emmitt Smith named #1 on depth chart

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good move. watch him have a career year.

I think Emmitt Smith is one of the best players in NFL history...both on and off the field. He is a class guy, always has been, always will be. In his prime, he dominated, and probably still can in certain cases.

I, however, think this is a bad more for the Cardinal's organization. I personally thought Emmitt didn't play to par last year....part of it due to an injury which I do realize, but I also think he just isn't as good as he used to be. And that happens with age, its not like he's doing it on purpose.

I saw Marcel Shipp really come into his own last year and really see him as the back for the forseeable future for the Cardinals.

Please don't take this the wrong way, I am in no way bashing Emmitt or his career. I just think he is past his prime and might be better served in a limited role on the field and conditioning the young RB's on the roster. But I do wish him the best.

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