you bike?

How do you bike?  

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  1. 1. How do you bike?

    • Trials
    • Mountain
    • DH
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    • b..i..c.i.....whhhuuu?
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i use my mountain bike to get anywhere if i can but i hope to upgrade my bike and eventually get a good downhilling bike like a Scott high Octane or maybe an XC Genuis.

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i don't think he ment what kind of bike you have.

i think what type of terain you bike on.

well i like to bike on trails and mostly ruged muntain areas.

went biking every week last summer, but this summer so far i had no time :|

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i've ridden street, trials, xc and dh... currently riding a club roost dh8, get yourself down to morzine in the alps it's too good for words!! Currently wanting a single speed street bike and an ashton justice... oh for a fat pile of cash!

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i bike too alot. usualy to university or somewhere not too far if its 'business' trip.

'm biking for fun too, on weekends....need to keep myself in shape somehow ;)

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:woot: :woot: go $5000, 50 pound downhill bikes!!! :yes: i love biking.i love road,downhill,cross country,trials, enduro,aggro xc. :D i plan on getting a 2004 iron horse dh bike.i wish i could do all the disciplines but i dont have the bikes. :rofl:

the bikers from the UK:are you familiar with orange mountain bikes,planet x,hope brake, and HALO rims. :whistle: :shifty: this topic is making me excited hence all the smilies. :woot:

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Let me just say this: bikers who block roads to turn, try to drive in lanes, etc. **** ME OFF. I want to run them over.

Sorry. Just saying. :laugh:

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