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Well, the Capitals picked Alexander Ovechkin with the first pick just as any sane team would do (he will be amazing, mark my words).




Yevgeny Malkin just went second to the Penguins. Should be interesting to see what he does. He'll be amazing, too.

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Yeah, I think both were in the top 10.

And there went one of 'em. lol

EDIT: Also, I think Ladd is going to do amazing in Carolina... hopefully he'll be as good as Staal started out.

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Guess we should all be on the look out for this kid in a few years:

Bowman finds a sleeper -- Scotty Bowman, who retired as the Detroit Red Wings coach two years ago after winning a record nine Stanley Cups, worked with the team at the draft. Bowman was asked if Detroit had come up with another sleeper on Day 2, as they did in 1999 when they grabbed Henrik Zetterberg with the 210th pick and in 1998 when they selected Pavel Datsyuk with the 171st pick.

"Yeah, that kid from Belarus we took in the fifth round," Bowman said about Siarhei Kolasau, a 6-foot-4, 187-pound defenseman from Minsk.

"On Pavel Datsyuk, our Director of European Scouting, Hakan Andersson, said this kid could be a special player so we felt pretty good about that. The same scout picked Zetterberg. He has a good knack for picking those players that everybody else doesn't think can do it. Zetterberg's a great player.

Bowman was asked what the Red Wings like about Kolasau.

"I don't know a lot about him," Bowman admitted. "Mostly, I like the scout that said take him!"

Detroit assistant GM Jim Nill said that after Kolasau's name was brought to their attention, most of the scouting staff had a chance to watch him in international tournaments."

"He competes hard, skates well and he's willing to come over to North America and play juniors," Nill said. "If he stays in Minsk, the development won't be that good. If he comes to North America, learns English, learn to live in North America and play hockey the North American way, it's a big step. He's going to do it at a young age and that's important."

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I'm still waiting for the day when Crosby comes outta the Q and topples the NHL with his skills.

read an article in espn the magazine...guy looks amazing

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