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[ENGLAND] Time to say bye to Sven ?


Should Mr.Sven be sacked?  

42 members have voted

  1. 1. Should Mr.Sven be sacked?

    • Yes, We need a new style of coach.
    • No, Give him another chance.

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Hello, Well I think he should go. He is on 4 Million pounds per year from the FA, his style is to calm for the England team. I think England had the skill to win Euro 2004 this year but they were not pushed by the coach, I think Sven doesnt take any "risks" he lets england just get 1-0 up and lets them sits back. Also why the hell does he bring crap players for example Heskey, Vassell and Both Nevs. I think we need a new style of coaching Im looking to Germany World Cup 2006 with a new coach...

Sven you had your chance, your mucked it up for England.. :pinch:

What do you think??

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I think he should have another chance, but I wouldn't mind someone on the line who jumps about at every decision made and shouts from the sideline, as from my experience playing it shows that your manager is into the game as much as you and not sat there thinking about what he is goin to do later tonight.

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How many losses have we had since Sven has been in charge? Not that many. It always seems to be that once something bad happens we get a new manager, the team become unsettled again and then we go all over again.

At the end of the day, we had a bit of bad luck and thats the name of the game. Everyone is a pundit but how can we judge when we dont do the job

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As far as I am concerned its not about 'giving him another chance'. He is yet to spurn his 'first' chance yet! By this I mean he has been a great manager and has made no mistakes in picking the right squad. His attitude towards the game is impeccable, and he creates a great team spirit in the side. As for 'sitting back' against Portugal, I do not believe this was a tactical decision. The players simply failed to perform to the standards we know they are capable of, and the manager cannot be blamed for this.

England have no real world class players: no Figos, no Zidanes, no Ronaldos. Beckham is good, but no match-changer. Rooney and perhaps Ashley Cole are the closest we have had this tournament to a real world class player, and neither of these players would be in the world top 10. And yet with the team we have, Sven has taken us a long way, and for this we have to respect him.

As for his style being more calm, this contributes to a smoother running of the side. A more agressive manager could easily alienate players, or cause devisions in the England camp. A more calm nature allows for more tactical approach to a game, and an approach that is working very well for England.

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The problem is not the coach, the problem is:


first of all, it's coach, not couch, and secondly, you can't go and blame him for all of englands troubles.

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First of all even though i'm from scotland, I do support england when they play.

You guys have to face facts one cup in 40 years is poor, th current squad is pretty good but by no way are they a winning side.

Your media builds up to much hype about the team that gets you all believing you are going to win things, and then you all call for blood after they get knocked out, You should support your team until the death.

Look at scotland, we suck but at least we know it.

I think if England stick with Sven and he gets more time with the players he will have a very strong squad for the world cup.

I hate to see teams getting rid of managers when the have not had long enough with the squad (leads)

any here's to Scotland V England World Cup final ;)

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I agree with Fozzieb, England were not good enough to win, and the media built them up into the best team in the competition (which they were not IMO). So many of the squad didnt play well, especially in the last game where no body wanted to go forward. Why didnt Sven put Dyer on?? but anyways be thankful that you have a team that can score more than 1 goal every 3 years - Come on Northern Ireland!! we're gonna vbe the next world cup winners!! ermmm...

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