Neowin Sporting Arena Featured Tonight!

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That's right, sports fans. Not only is BOOGMaster? the Area 51 spammer, member of the right wing attack machine, and one of the few BOOG fans here on Neowin, I am also a radio broadcaster.

Tonight, between 6 and 7 p.m. CST, I am going to do a live 15-20 minute feature from some of the topics listed in the Sporting Arena from here on Neowin. I'm also going to plug the site - in efforts to bring more faithful members to our happy little family.

Mods - I know this is a little "out there", so if I am incorrect in my posting, please let me know - and delete this. I don't know if it violates and rules. Simply PM me, if it does.

If not, Neowin members can listen online tonight, if you wish. Might be kind of fun. You can listen online through the stations website, WJBC, and click on listen live. You'll have to download some player, but you can delete it after the broadcast. I'll have the streamer dial up on, and we have a bandwidth that can handle around 250 listeners.

After the broadcast, post in here your comments, or post live (I'll have it up in studio) in this thread and ask some questions / suggest other topics to address...

Thanks again for being a great site!


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how many listeners do you guys get on average to your radio station? j/w

WJBC happens to be the nation's (U.S.) highest rated AM radio station (rated higher than WLS out of Chicago per listener share) and boasts a market share of 21.7 in McLean County. On average, at any moment, over 11,300 listeners are tuned in.

Tonight, I am filling in for the "sportstalk" host, and thought I'd bring a little Neowin love into it :D

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well, it went great - even though apparently no one listened - and our good friend, BOOGSoftball? was on the air with me.

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