AutoStreamer Released! (v 1.0.29)


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Well, re-downloaded the same version in a different folder, deleted the old folder, placed in the same dir and it worked. I have no explaination whatsoever. Could there have been some garbage leftover from previous slipstreams? One thing I have noticed though is the Autostreamer ISO is 590,072KB whereas the Nlite ISO is 598,652. IS this normal? I used the same XP Upgrade retail disc.

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Khaki72nd, good to hear that

denzilla, i don't really know what nLite does during the procedure... AutoPatcher does this (in CD mode)

1. copies the whole CD contents to a temp location on the hard drive

2. slipstreams SP onto the temp location

3. creates ISO from the slipstreamed location on hdd

4. deletes temp folders & files...

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ok y'all i think its time to release 1.0.30 final :) after a little more tweaking i think its ready!

Last Minute Tweaks:

- If CD is selected and SP is skiped while Manual Customizing is off, it will directly create the ISO from the CD (no need to copy files first!)

- If CD is selected and SP is skiped while Manual Customizing is on, it will copy files from CD, pause so you can customize the share manually and then hit "Make ISO" to resume

Changes from 1.0.29:

- Allow manual customization (pauses procedure before ISO creation)

- Allow no Service Pack selection (just creates the ISO)

- Since only one bootloader is needed, the rest have been dumped...

- The old listbox was dumped since...

- ...the new checklist was prefered...

- The progressbar will also be kept...

- ...but with a true XP-style...

- God-mode (no service pack build detection) [use /godmode]

- AutoStreamer folder should handle special characters now

- if a subfolder named UPDATES exists in I386 folder AutoStreamer will not continue...

- ...since Slipstreaming doesnt work on those...


AutoStreamer 1.0.30


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Bzzzzz!  Sorry folks, no warez questions allowed.  - FlishFun

That is technically a warez question. Just go by a d@mn legal copy you goober. :ninja: :angry: :angry: :angry: :ninja:

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