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Who will be more sucessful?  

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  1. 1. Who will be more sucessful?

    • Jose Mourinho - Chelsea
    • Rafael Benitez - Liverpool

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I think that Rafa is a good manager and can improve liverpool.

Jose is also a good manager, but I don't think Chelsea will improve from last year.

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Mourinho has too muc pressure. Roman Ab is a moron when it comes to football - Fergusan and Wenger both took several seasons to start winning, but he says second won't be good enough this season. What will he do if they don't win? Fire Mourinho and hire someone else, do this every season? He needs to give the manager control, buy who the manager wants and STFU.

Benitez will be given time at Liverpool. I hope he'll be given money, but that's not certain as Houiller spent so much, but by selling a few players there should be cash available. We could do with a CD, RM and DM (to replace Hamann, who's getting on and is injured at lot). Jaoquin, Metzelder and Xavi Alsono would be nice, but more realisticly: Xavi Alonso, maybe Metzelder as Dortmund are broke and need to sell and Shaun Wright Philips. To be honest, I'd be happy giving a lot of the failures at Liverpool another chance as I think a key reason for them being so disappointing is that Houiller couldn't motivate and get the best out of players. If Diouf starts actually doing something with all his technical ability and Smicer plays for Liverpool like he does with the Czech squad, all we'll need is a central defender for this season and look for a Hamann replacement in a year's time.

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