Beckham penalty outrage ball lands on eBay

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The ball which David "Goldennads" Beckham thundered over the bar during the Euro 2004 penalty shoot-out against Portugal has landed on eBay.

Of course, we all know that it was a combination of the heat/tiredness/the Swiss referee/the atmospheric pressure/Wayne Rooney's injury/the penalty spot/the "Roteiro" ball which saw England's "Lions" crash out of the tournament. Accordingly, it's hardly surprising that the leather sphere which contributed to a nation's despair is considered a bit of a trophy:

The Official Match Ball used on the game against Portugal, that left UK out of the Europe Cup, the same ball of the penalty, that David Beckham miss, will be auctioned on eBay. Pablo Carral, a fan, catched the ball and he took it out from the stadium.

Is the Official Europe Cup Match Ball, made in Thailand. It has the date of the game, the 24th of June 2004, also the place of the celebration, da Luz of Lisbon stadium.

Don?t loose this great and unique chance!!!

Place a bid now!!!

The bidding currently stands at an entirely reasonable ?3,500. To be honest, we're surprised that the official England supporter's club hasn't placed a pitch yet. After all, its members could have a whip-round and present the offending item to Beckham as a cherished memento of England's most memorable balls-up. ?

Source: The Register

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It's been on already, and doesn't the bidding currently stand at ?6,600,000 ?

It's been on British national News.

no its at 25,000 pounds atm i think? wither way Lucky ****** who caught the ball!

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the ball is real..i saw his interview on FOX sports today. they talked to the guy, he said he snuck the ball under his shirt and left the stadium after the game.

he said he was shocked how no one came to get the ball from him. lucky ****** if you ask me!

he said he has the ball in a security box in a bank or somethin

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