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Found this interesting and thought you all might like it...

We know you've wondered. Heck, we wonder all the time ourselves.

You're out at a big-league ballpark, and you hear a few seconds of some song as the batter steps into the box. Immediately, you find yourself wondering, "What the heck was that song?" or "Who sings that tune again?"

And in many cases, you're wondering, "Why in the heck did he pick THAT song as his entrance music?"

Well, wonder no longer because Page 3 is here with the answers. We've talked to the music folks for all 30 major-league teams, and we've got a list of the at-bat music for every team in the big leagues. For some players, we've even got the "story behind the story" about how the song was chosen. We even got some pitchers to tell use what their entrance tune is when they come in from the 'pen.

So click away ... and name that tune!


Enjoy! :D

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"RHP Roger Clemens "Faint" Linkin Park

Clemens is quite superstitious. The catch to his intro music is that the deejay is instructed to start the song exactly when he crosses the foul line as the Astros take the field. Roger also demands that only 1:45 of the song be used. "

granted, im a 'stros fan...but that's just psycho

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Here's a tidbit from the Arlington archives: When Nolan Ryan first came to the Rangers in 1989, he came with a career r?sum? like few others. The 42-year old was strong, lanky, and tough. The Texan was clearly one of the most feared men in baseball. And yet, one of the first things he did was call up the music director, and make sure Elton John and Kiki Dee's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" was used every time he pitched.

As a huge Ryan fan, I think that's awesom:D:D

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